Mr Pilates Studio has the serenity of a fresh ocean view and a tranquil personalised environment to workout in. We have a state-of-the-art studio with Balance Body equipment. If you want the best, it’s here. This studio offers lessons delivered and taught with world-class standards. We are full members of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. We pride ourselves on teaching you the correct technique on how to perform the exercise correctly so that you can get the most out of your body. 

Reformer, Private, Duet and Studio Classes, ensure you receive personalised attention essential for rectifying, strengthening the body and achieving sustainable results. Our studio provides an opportunity to learn the Pilates method ‘A Body of Work’. Experience an outstanding workout by an exceptional Pilates instructor. Strengthen the core, improve flexibility, balance and posture.  We teach contemporary Pilates following the Pilates principles; Powerhouse, Breath, Control, Precision, Concentration and Flow.

Experience an outstanding workout by an exceptional Pilates instructor, strengthen the core. Improve flexibility, balance and posture. We will help you achieve the best results during your Pilates classes. It’s essential to work in a well supervised, comfortable, friendly environment with teachers that have high-quality instruction, training and experience. Pilates relies heavily on expert instruction and intelligent supervision. You can book online through mind body or download the Mindbody App. Search for Mr Pilates and sign up.