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Beginner Pilates Course

Mr Pilates is opening 22nd of June we are COVID-19 safe, all staff completed government accredited training.

If you are worried about going to exercise in large groups, we are for you, only four people per class, privates and duets available, all equipment social distanced, cleaned after each session, temperature check for everyone walking in.

Mr Pilates is now online
You can book a Pilates class online, and we teach you in your own home.

All you need is a floor, towel or mat, with a stable internet connection, computer and camera. You will need to download Zoom, create an account, book your online class, load up zoom 5 min before your class and wait for the link.

Book us in the studio privately, in a duet or small group setting, only four people per session, you must book a private lesson first if you have never been before then we will give you full studio access.

This studio offers lessons delivered and taught with world-class standards, experience an outstanding workout by an exceptional Pilates instructor.



Learn Pilates the way it ought to be taught, safely, tailored to your individual needs. In the hands of specialist Instructors, Pilates relies heavily on expert instruction and intelligent supervision to understand the 'Full Body of Work' which Joseph Pilates created. It is essential to work in a well-supervised, comfortable, friendly environment with teachers that have high-quality instruction, training and experience.

Our studio provides an opportunity to learn the Pilates method ‘A Body of Work’. We teach contemporary Pilates following the Pilates principles; Powerhouse, Breath, Control, Precision, Concentration
and Flow.

Mr Pilates Studio has the serenity of a fresh ocean view and a tranquil personalised environment to workout in. We have a state-of-the-art studio with Balance Body equipment. If you want the best, it’s here.

Studio Teachings

We are full members of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia, and all of our instructors hold Government Accredited Pilates Qualifications at either Diploma or Advanced Diploma level.

Improve flexibility, balance and posture, and we help you achieve the best results during your Pilates classes. Giving you an excellent workout, or if you need a gentle approach because you are beginner, injured or pregnant, we can take that approach with you.

Please book an initial consultation first with a Principal Instructor or a Pilates Instructor, before you begin the studio sessions, or if you are not injured or pregnant you can book into a small group studio class.

You can book online through mind-body or download the Mindbody App.
Search for Mr Pilates and sign up.


Mr Pilates Is led by Darren Vizer M.A. (University of Melbourne) Choreography. A former dancer, trampolinist, champion horse rider and principal trainer with over 14 years of Pilates experience focusing on movement principles, who has been teaching movement for over 30 years. A full member of Pilates Alliance of Australia (PAA). With the highest level of Pilates you can attain. THE ROLLS ROYCE PILATES EXPERIENCE