Mr PIlates Port Melbourne

Mr Pilates is the rolls royce of pilates tuition in the heart of Port Melbourne, with the serenity of a fresh ocean view and a tranquil personalised environment to practice and workout. If you want the best pilates instruction, its here at Mr Pilates in Port Melbourne.

This pilates studio offers lessons delivered and  taught with world class standards, experince the best. Led by a principal trainer, taught in beautiful space where your mind and body come together. For your first class, click the book online below, and sign up with our current online initial consultation special.

Private, Duet and Semi-private lessons (maximum four people) ensure you receive personalised attention, essential for rectifying, strengthening the body and achieving sustainable results.

Experience the rolls royce of pilates, an outstanding workout, strengthen the core, improve flexibility, balance and posture. Alleviate back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain. Your exercise programs are personally designed which you dont get at large group pilates studio. You can down load the Mindbody App, search Mr Pilates, sign up, then use the appointments tab to book your initial consultation.

Semi Private classes are performed with one to three others working in the same group, each person has their own individual program, working at different levels to each other.

Semi Private  Classes (4 People) $49
5 Class Package ($45 per class) $225
10 Class Package ($43 per class) $430

Duet Classes are a nice way to workout with a friend or a classmate who is at a similar level.  You still have focused, precise attentiveness to your workout.

Duet Class per person   $69

5 Class Package ( $67 per person) $335

10 Class Package ($65 per person) $650

Private  Classes are a great way to learn the method one on one. Your practitioner personally guides you restoring posture, developing your personalised program, modifying your workout to your individual physical needs.

Private  Classes $110

5 Class Package ($100 per class) $500

10 Class  Package ($95 per class) $950

With the Initial Consultation your practitioner gives you a posture assessment designs a personalised program, tailors your workout to focus on your goals and what you want to achieve with your body.

Initial Consultation (includes assessment and personalised program) a private one on one class. $110

Pregnancy classes are perfect for pregnant and post-natal women. Many changes occur during pregnancy including hormonal, physical and emotional, Pilates can help with all of them, changes in body shape, balance and posture, as well as muscular and ligamentous changes.

Men’s classes are a total full body challenge, enabling the deep core, intrinsic muscles, along with the challenging the global muscles to full capacity, whilst gaining strength, you gain flexibility and improved posture.

Dancers class is about technique, precision, agility, alignment, flexibility, flow, strength, accuracy, focusing on specific goals of the dancer and ballet technique.

Rehabilitation classes are personally designed to cater for a specific injury or condition, they are based on the principles of Pilates, which provides a greater degree of flexibility than most conventional forms of physical therapy.

Mat-Work classes are performed on the mat, with no more than 10 people in a class.  Small apparatus can be used such as a theraband, magic circle, chi ball and weights, each person is doing the same exercises, which can be modified to suit your needs.

Mat-Work Classes  $29
5 Class Package ($27 per class) $135
10 Class Package ($25 per class) $250

into Package 1
IC + 4 x Semi Privates $280.00

Intro – Package 2
IC + Private + 2 x Semi Privates $290

Intro Package 3
IC+ 2xPrivates x 2 Semi Privates $400

Intro – Package 4
4 x Private Package + IC $500

Student Class $40
5 Class Package $185.00 ($37 Per Class)

Mr Pilates is led by Darren Vizer M.A. (University of Melbourne) Choreography. A former dancer, and principal trainer with over 14 years of experience focusing on movement principles. A fully qualified member of Pilates Alliance of Australia (PAA). Here we are constantly involved in ongoing education, undertaking the most rigorous and comprehensive education available and its application to the Method.

Here our instruction is inclusive to any age or gender; we empower our students to gain an understanding of their body and posture thereby facilitating their improved health and wellbeing. Everyone is welcome all body types, abilities, all kinds of people, we like to have fun.

Mr Pilates
Level 2, 55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne.
Ph: +61 3 9646 7074
Mobile: +61 422 794 335
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