These classes have only up to four people in a class. You will get individual personalised attention which you don’t get in large group reformer classes. 

 We are looking for people who want to experience Pilates by qualified instructors as Pilates exercise is meant to be challenging, and it is not intended to be easy, you need to feel your bodying working at all times with the breath, building strength, working on your powerhouse, gaining flexibility, control and balance.

 Your lesson focuses on your own individually tailored program, designed for you in contrast to a large group Pilates class where everyone follows the same workout. We focus on your particular requirements and care for any injuries.

 In these classes, we work with general wellbeing and fitness levels, Pre and Post Natal, Injuries, Athletes, Cyclists, Dancers, Pilates for Men, anyone getting wanting to get strong.



A private class with an Instructor who holds Government Accredited Pilates Qualifications, and has undertaken the most rigorous and comprehensive Pilates education available.

A 55-minute private class focusses on what you want to achieve with your lesson. Personalised and individual attention focusing on what your body requires most importantly and with no distractions.

 By building physical capacity, strength or rehabilitation work, a private class will ensure you achieve a full body workout and that your specific needs are met.

 Private classes are a great way to learn the Pilates method one on one, personally guiding you through restoring posture, developing your personalised program, modifying your workout to your individual physical needs.



A Duet Class with an Instructor who holds Government Accredited Pilates Qualifications, undertaking some of the most rigorous and comprehensive Pilates education available.

Pilates Duet classes are an excellent way to work out with a partner, friend or a classmate who is at a similar level. This can also be the special time you spend together with a partner or loved one. With our busy lives we can often struggle to get to see one another due to our schedules.

The time in a Mr Pilates Duet class will be for you only. Less noise and people.

You still have focused, precise attentiveness to your workout, you can choose to work on a similar program or the instructor may work you individually, with your own personalised program. Duet classes have a private feel at a cost-conscious rate. You can bring a friend to do a duet Pilates class with you, or we can also arrange a new buddy to do a duet class with you.


Pilates is perfect for pregnant and post-natal women. It can be done in the studio class or a private setting. It is essential to work with Pilates Instructors who hold Government Accredited Pilates Qualifications to ensure that you and your unborn baby’s safety These classes are tailored to your individual needs and you will be in the hands of specialist Instructors.

Many changes occur during pregnancy including hormonal, physical and emotional imbalances and it can help with all of them; changes in body shape, balance and posture, as well as muscular and ligamentous changes. It can also assist with birth and recovery. It builds a conscious pelvic floor and abdominal strength and control with a higher breathing capacity, leg strength and prepares for endurance during labour.

Reduces or eliminates load and gravity yet still offers resistance to build strength. Expectant mums can undertake a full body conditioning regime and exercise in comfortable positions that support the added postural challenges of pregnancy.

Pilates will help in the preparation of labour and giving birth to your new baby, it will help in this transition, I will provide you with simple techniques to help you relax as much as possible while your baby is on its way.  Doing Pilates during your trimesters assists in speedier recovery time after your labour.


We are Mr Pilates, and we especially know what men need for a strong, safe, supportive exercise class that will give you the full Pilates experience.

 Pilates was initially designed for the male body by Joseph Pilates for his fellow inmates in an internment camp.  A total full body challenge, enabling the deep core, intrinsic muscles, along with the challenging the global muscles to full capacity. While gaining strength, core stability, alignment and balance, you gain flexibility and improved posture.

Men have a different physiology type of body than women we work with all sizes, shapes, abilities the functionality of the male the needs to be considered.



Darren Vizer, director and founder of Mr Pilates, has a Masters in Choreography from the University of Melbourne. Practising choreography and has been dancing for over twenty years. Most noteworthy, he knows the dancers’ bodies, their minds and their needs.

Dance is about technique and precision as well as accuracy. Therefore, that’s how the Pilates for dancers programs are created and delivered. For everyone who comes to Mr Pilates, it is pure perfection and high-quality standards.

Instruction for dancers is designed to build technical strength, physical capacity, alignment, and flexibility for the precision of a dancer. Hence that is required for the performance.