Our Principal Instructor has the highest level of Pilates education you can attain. An Advance Diploma in Pilates Practice (91490NSW) and the status of Principal Instructor, a full member of Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) with over 30 years of movement experience, ex-gymnast, a former dancer and a national trampoline champion!

Congratulations on choosing Mr Pilates “The Rolls Royce Pilates Experience.”Policies:

  • All classes must be prepaid by online bookings
  • Cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to class, otherwise full fee is payable

If you need to change or reschedule your class, please phone or email the studio or login into 'Mr Pilates Mind Body Online' to self manage or download the app.


A 55-minute private class. These classes have only up to four people in a class you will get individual personalised attention, which you don’t get in large group reformer classes.

Studio classes have one to three others working in the same lesson, and your instructor works closely with you furthermore assists you in working correctly and progressively.

 We are looking for people who want to experience Pilates by qualified instructors as Pilates exercise is meant to be challenging, and it is not intended to be easy, you need to feel your bodying working, at all times, with the breath, building strength, working on your powerhouse, gaining flexibility, control and balance.

 Your lesson focuses on your own individually tailored program, designed for you, in contrast to a large group Pilates classes where everyone follows the same workout. We focus on your particular requirements and care for any injuries.

 In these classes, we work with general wellbeing and fitness levels, Pre and Post Natal, Injuries, Athletes, Cyclists, Dancers, Pilates for Men, anyone getting wanting to get strong.


A 55-minute private class focuses on what you want to achieve with your lesson. Personalised and individual attention focusing on what your body requires most importantly and with no distractions.

 By building physical capacity, strength or rehabilitation work, a private class will ensure you achieve a full body workout and that your specific needs are met.

Private classes are a great way to learn the Pilates method one on one, personally guiding you through restoring posture, developing your personalised program, modifying your workout to your individual physical needs.

An initial consultation is a 55 minute private class. Here we discuss what you want to achieve with your lesson. We do a physical postural assessment, build and design your tailor-made personsalised program. During the session, we take detailed notes on your physical history to develop further the basis of your individualised plan. We begin to teach the basic principles of Pilates delivered to you with world-class standards..


Pilates Duet classes are an excellent way to work out with a partner, friend or a classmate who is at a similar level. The time in a Mr Pilates Duet class will be for you with your buddy less noise and people.

You still have focused, precise attentiveness to your workout, you can choose to work on a similar program or the instructor may work you individually, with your own personalised program.

Duet classes have a private feel at a cost-conscious rate. You can bring a friend to do a duet Pilates class with you, or we can also arrange a new buddy to do a duet class with you


Principal Studio Pilates Classes (4 People)
1 x class - $ 55
5 x class package - $240 ($48 per class)
10 x class package - $450 ($45 per class)

Principal Duet Pilates Classes 
1 x class - $ 75 p.p
5 x class package - $365 p.p ($73 per class)
10 x class package - $700 p.p ($70 per class)

Principal Private Pilates Classes 
1 x class - $ 120
5 x class package - $550 ($110 per class)
10 x class package - $1050 ($105 per class)