By building physical capacity, strength or rehabilitation work, a private class will ensure you achieve a full body workout and that your specific needs are cared for restoring your body and mind together, so you leave the space feeling amazing.

A 55-minute private class focussed on what you want to achieve with your lesson. If you are a little shy and want some one-on-one personalised and individual attention focusing on what your body requires most importantly and with no distractions, this is for you. We hold a safe space for you to practice, develop your body’s needed attention. Your practitioner gives you a posture assessment then designs a customised program and tailors your workout.


 Private classes are a great way to learn the Pilates method one on one with an instructor personally guiding you, restoring posture, developing your personalised program and modifying your workout to your individual physical needs. We focus on what your body requires and most importantly, what you want to achieve.